ChemPlants Company provides Maps and Directories that describe the Petrochemical Industry along the U.S. Gulf Coast. This includes Refineries, Chemical Manufacturers, Paper Mills - major facilities that buy Pipe, Valves, Instruments and a host of services including Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, Turnaround Services (Scaffolding and Staff), etc. Our focus is to save time for anyone wanting to do business with these major facilities.

Because of security concerns, competition and other factors, it’s become more difficult to contact prospective customers. More costly too - traffic, cost of gasoline, etc.

Over the years, we’ve provided paper copies of our products. To keep up with accelerating change in the industry we moved to supply these products on electronic media (CD’s and Memory Sticks). Our customers can download the electronic files into their computers, add their own special contacts and print maps and directory pages as needed.

To keep our maps and directories fresh and more convenient, we’re moving into the world of subscription services. You can sign up for an annual subscription service and access or download information at any time.