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Rings & Poles (written by Ray LePine © 2013 Fatsnake Software)

There are 7 Rings: Ring "A" (smallest) through Ring "G" (largest) and 3 Poles.
Goal: To move all the rings off of Pole 1 and on to Pole 2 (or Pole 3).
Rules: Move only one Ring at a time from the top of a stack. Never place a larger Ring on top of a smaller Ring.
How To Play: Click the Ring you want to move then click the Pole you want to move it to.
A Perfect Score: 127 moves to get all the rings off of Pole 1. Good luck!!

Score: 0 (moves)

Top Three Perfect Scores:

Ray J LePine Baton Rouge 14-April-2022
Dod Bennett London, England, UK 23-April-2020
Jake Carter Seattle, WA 10-August-2019
Abbott Mojica Baton Rouge, LA 24-January-2017

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